Mkoko Health Care

Mental Health Support

During the covid-19 pandemic, many people experiencing mental health issues became isolated from their community and in turn that affected their mental health and their wellbeing. We are committed to supporting people with mental health issues in the community by providing a personalised  range of community based support. Our services are mainly goal focused and flexible and we emphasise collaborative working with our clients to ensure they are receiving a person centred care and they are in control of their support.

Our main goal is to improve your mental wellbeing by focusing on healthy living and behaviours. Our staff will work with you and support you in finding both short-term and longer-term solutions to improve your mental health wellbeing.

At Mkoko HealthCare we can support you by helping you with your day to day functioning, help you find better coping mechanisms/strategies helping you access specialist support your community, building and strengthening social networks, finding employment and enabling you to meet new people in  your community, build your confidence, keep yourself well and gain new skills. We are also able to escort you to other local community groups and organisations that may help you.