Mkoko Health Care

Respite Support

We offer private respite services, our respite care service allows for reassuring care. We understand that many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, but the physical and emotional consequences for the family can sometimes be overwhelming. During such moments, our shorter-term care service allows for you to rest and recharge. One of our experienced live-in support workers will take over the day to day routines. We will provide service from just a few days to as many days as you require.

We are able to provide short term/temporary relief to carers or families by arranging for someone to come in to look after your loved one for you or take them out to an activity/social group. This in turn will enable you to have time to yourself, it might mean you can go on holiday, with or without the person you care for. If you’re going away, we are able to offer temporary live-in services in order to support your loved one.